1. www.raz-kids.com
  2. Student needs to enter teacher 's username:
Teacher User Name
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P2 t2a00 t2b01 t2c04
P3 t3a04 t3b01 t3c02 t3d02
P4 t4a05 t4b02 t4c01 t4d02
P5 t5a01 t5b02 t5c01 t5d02
P6 t6a03 t6b03 t6c01 t6d01
  1. Click on student username (w….)
  2. enter student password (HKTA account password)
  3. Click on "My Assignments"
  4. There will be a list of books assigned.
  5. Listen to the story.
  6. Read the book.
  7. If there are comprehension questions, you can try to answer them.
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